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X-ray inspection Systems

Feihman's direct transmission X-ray inspection systems are user-friendly and feature-rich. With a range of tunnel sizes, converyor speeds, capacities and footprints, we have an X-ray screening solution for every application. Our X-ray scanners are reliable, accurate, and easy to operate

Vehicle Scanning Systems

PORTAL-AUTO is a unique stationary drive-through vehicle screening system designed for the inspection of illegal consignment inside vehicles. It is ideally suited to work at border crossings, security checkpoints, maritime ports and airports, and any security sensitive area.

Cargo Inspection Systems

PORTAL-BETA is a unique multi-view multi-energy gantry designed for the inpsection of sealed sea freight such as 20/40/45 ft containers, consignments inside trucks and other vehicles. It can detect smuggled goods, including plastic weapons and explosives, drugs, and radioactive materials.

Airport Automation

  • Flight Information Display Systems
  • Baggage Belt Handling
  • Check-in Handling
  • Master Clock Systems

Explosive Detector MION

Portable highly sensitive trace and vapour detector M-ION is an advanced device for rapid and reliable detection and identification of microscopic traces of explosives such as RDX, EDGN, NG, TNT, dynamite, cyclonite and improvised explosives based on them.

UAV Drones

  • Skyrobotic UAV (VTOL SF6)
  • DJI Phantom UAV
  • Anti-Drone System
  • UAV Radar System

About Us

  • Our company for automization and security solutions was established in 2007 with co-founders Sayed Jamal BAHADORI and Fehiman FIDAN.
  • Our main services in the defense technologies include CCTV, interior and outdoor illumination, airport automatization systems, biometrical pass systems, explosive and narcotics detectors, And under vehicle scanning systems.
  • BSS Security Systems is distributor of the world's most advanced companies and still ongoing with import and exports.
  • BSS Security Systems became Turkey’s one and only domestic manufacturer with its professional team and R&D investments.


Contact Us

Sanayi mah. Çetin sok. No:32/1 Pendik/ Kurtköy / İstanbul (+90) 412 37 37 (01) 459 70 68 info@feihmann.com.tr